Agistment Rates:

$6.60 per day for dry mares   

$9.90 per day for mares and foals                      

$9.90 per day for weanlings/ yearlings                  

$16.50 per day for supplementary feeding / small paddock



  • BREEDING FEE:  $440 The working / breeding fee covers normal breeding procedures, ordering semen, preparation for insemination. Other vet treatments (such as hormonal drugs, treatments, specialised procedures, injuries or illness etc) are not included in this fee and will be charged separately.
  • FOALING FEE:  $275 Mares will be foaled under supervision at Stonegate Farm. This fee is to cover the cost of foaling alarms, night watch personal.
  • WEANING FEE:  $220 At the time of weaning, your foal will be stabled for several days. It will also be handled prior to weaning, at weaning and over the following months to accustom it to being caught, led, tied up etc.


  • Frozen Semen = $1250 (covers Ultrasounds basic drugs preg tests preparations for inseminations of your mare)


FURTHER INFORMATION:  Please contact us if we can help with any further information / questions. All prices quoted in this document include GST.